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Worship Times: 7:45 & 10:15 am; Communion on 1st & 3rd Sundays

Sunday School is 9 am Sundays

Bible Class: Sundays at 9 am
and 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 7 am

Ash Wednesday & Lenten Wednesday Worships will be held at 6:30 pm.  The Lenten Meal is from 5 to 6 pm before each Wednesday Worship.

St. John Ev. Lutheran Church
437 Turner St.
Wrightstown, WI 54180

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2012 Sermons

1/1/12  1st Sunday after Christmas  He came!  He came!  Emmanuel

1/8/12  First Sunday after Epiphany  The Jailer’s Shaky Night

1/15/12  Second Sunday after Epiphany  Listen to the Call

1/22/12  Third Sunday after Epiphany  Drop, Stop, and Follow

1/29/12  Fourth Sunday after Epiphany  It’s Freedom…err…Adiaphora!

2/5/12  Fifth Sunday after Epiphany  Swiss Army Knife Christians

2/12/12  Sixth Sunday after Epiphany  None

2/19/12  Transfiguration of Our Lord  Get a Glimpse of the Savior’s Glory

2/26/12  First Sunday in Lent  Repent and Believe the Good News

3/4/12  Second Sunday in Lent  Things of God vs. Things of Men

3/11/12  Third Sunday in Lent  None

3/18/12  Fourth Sunday in Lent  We should Fear, Love, and Trust in God above all Things

3/25/12  Fifth Sunday in Lent  The Hour Has Come

4/1/12  Palm Sunday  Not Just Another King

4/5/12  Maundy Thursday  Sermon

4/6/12  Good Friday Sermon

4/8/12  Easter Festival  None

4/15/12  Second Sunday of Easter  Being spoiled is not all too bad

4/22/12  Third Sunday of Easter  The Living Gospel Jesus Christ

4/29/12  Fourth Sunday of Easter  Children of God

5/6/12  Fifth Sunday of Easter Love has NO Limit

5/13/12  Sixth Sunday of Easter  Advice from a loving Grandpa

5/20/12  Seventh Sunday of Easter  Jesus My Great High Priest

5/27/12  The Day of Pentecost  That Sue Isn’t Galilean!?!

6/3/12  The Holy Trinity – First Sunday after Pentecost  The Gospel Nut

6/10/12 Second Sunday after Pentecost  Man’s Dullness Brings God’s Brilliance

6/17/12  Third Sunday after Pentecost  The Ultimate Benefit Package

6/24/12  Fourth Sunday after Pentecost  The Christian Confidence is:

7/1/12  Fifth Sunday after Pentecost  God’s Compatibility Criterion

7/8/12  Sixth Sunday after Pentecost  Grace Generates Generosity

7/15/12  Seventh Sunday after Pentecost  My Grace is All You Need

7/22/12 Eighth Sunday after Pentecost  The Lord’s Commission to His messengers is always the same

7/29/12  Ninth Sunday after Pentecost  None

8/5/12  Tenth Sunday after Pentecost  Jesus never stops giving

8/12/12  Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost  None

8/19/12  Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost  Jesus Is the Bread that Gives Life

8/26/12  Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost  Whose Advertising Will You Listen To?

9/2/12  Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost  Who is Your God?

9/9/12  Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost  Clean Hands and Hearts

9/16/12  Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost  Talk is cheap

9/23/12  Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost  Love your Neighbor as Yourself

9/30/12  Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost  What is the source of your wisdom?

10/7/12  Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost  Who are you to judge?

10/14/12  Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost  Called to give our best to God

10/21/12  Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost  What is true love?

10/28/12  Twenty-second Sunday after Pentecost  What’s the Secret?

11/4/12  Reformation Sunday  Like Putty in His Hands

11/11/12  Last Judgment Sunday  Live Within Your Means

11/18/12  Saints Triumphant Sunday – Mission Festival – No Sermon

11/21/12  Thanksgiving Eve Service  Be a Ten Percenter

11/25/12  Christ the King Sunday  Our Perfect King

12/2/12  First Sunday of Advent  Can’t Miss It

12/9/12  Second Sunday of Advent  12-9-12 Sermon

12/16/12 Third Sunday of Advent  12-16-12 Sermon

12/23/12  Fourth Sunday of Advent  12-23-12 We too sing Mary’s song

12/24/12  Christmas Eve Service  12-24-12 Christmas is for Believers

12/25/12  Christmas Day Service  12-25-12 Beautiful Feet

12/30/12  First Sunday of Christmas  12-30-12 Jesus your Brother

12/31/12  New Year’s Eve Service  12-31-12 Change will never change God